Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cheese at Lido

It's been a bit of a barren time for cheese lately. I was expecting to find some interesting cheeses in Priorato in Spain where I've been for the past couple of days but it was just the usual Manchego. But I came across a couple of really nice dishes last week at one of our local Bristol restaurants called Lido which I've mentioned on the blog before.

The first was a salad of deep fried artichokes, fresh herb labneh (remember labneh?) and crisp flatbread (above) a simple fresh and delicious starter for this time of year. You could use a young soft goats' cheee if you didn't have time to make labneh.

The second was billed as a 'small plate' for sharing at the beginning of the meal but I took it instead of a cheese course - a mixture of Gorgonzola (and cream, I think), sliced celery and walnuts with a drizzle of honey. I don't know why more restaurants don't do cheese plates like this. Cheaper for them than keeping a big cheese selection and cheaper for the customer. (I paid £3.00 for it instead of £6.50 for a piece of Gorgonzola served at the end of the meal). So easy to rustle up at home too.


Cheesewench said...

I know this has nothing to do with the post, but I am going to be in London for five days starting next Friday May 8. This is a last minute deal, and I'm not sure where to go besides Neal's Yard Dairy. Any suggestions you have would be wonderful. You can put them on my blog, or send me an email at Thank you for your help Fiona!


Fiona Beckett said...

Well you should DEFINITELY go to La Fromagerie just off Marylebone High Street (a great foodie destination anyway) and Paxton & Whitfield in Jermyn Street is great for atmosphere (and has some seriously good cheeses). And go to the Borough Market branch of Neal's Yard then you can wander round the market too. Have fun!

Jill said...

I love labneh! When I lived in Washington, D.C., I used to get it at a Middle Eastern/Mediterranean tapas restaurant called Zaytinya. So good - I'll have to try making it home some day.