Saturday, December 5, 2009

. . . and a side of Welsh rarebit

Following my last post and discovery that St John was offering a side order of Welsh rarebit it's been preying on my mind so when my son Will and I were deciding where to have lunch this week and he mentioned he'd never been I leapt at the chance to check it out.

This is what they serve - a big slab of toast generously topped with what our waitress told us was Montgomery cheddar seasoned with mustard, anchovy essence, Worcestershire sauce and cayenne pepper - with a bottle of Worcestershire sauce on the side.

As you can see Will was so keen to get stuck in he cut into the rarebit before I had a chance to snap it but you can still see it looks pretty tasty - and was great with my main of roast beef. (No, we didn't have potatoes as well!)

It's a great idea which I'm sure will be copied all over London, as so many of St John's ideas have been. (For a full account of the meal which had a few misses as well, read my review on

What do you reckon is the secret of a good Welsh rarebit?


goodshoeday said...

I love welsh rarebit, never thought of it as a side order but can see how it would work. I prefer a crumblier cheese that cheddar such as Kirkham's Lancashire or Gorwydd Caerphilly or Appleby's Cheshire I think they melt better as well as tasting better.

scandilicious said...

Brilliant! Must try it - ticks all my umami boxes: cheese, anchovy, worcester sauce...Yum.

Sounds like this will be reprised elsewhere for sure

Fiona Beckett said...

I think you need quite a gutsy cheese goodshoeday - Gorwydd Caerphilly might be a bit delicate but I like the idea of Lancashire. And yes, very umami, Sig ;-)

Lizzie said...

When my dad made Welsh Rarebit it was always with a really strong cheddar and there was always ale in there too. I haven't had it in so long - this must be rectified.