Saturday, March 3, 2012

La Tur - a gorgeous Italian cheese

We went out for dinner to friends last night and they served just one cheese - a gorgeous triple cream cheese called La Tur. It sounds French but in fact comes from the Langhe region of Piedmont - maybe why it went so well with the Dolcetto we were drinking.

According to this site belonging to Clarks Speciality Foods it's a mixture of pasteurized cows, sheep and goats milk and has a delicate, slightly lactic earthy flavour and the most wonderful creamy silky consistency as if it's about to melt. My friend actually bought it at Waitrose where it seems to be stocked in larger branches. A real find and at £4.95 - enough for six - quite a bargain.

Incidentally I like the sound of the Clarks Italian cheese selection which includes La Tur, a cave aged Tallegio, Gorgonzola Dulce, Ubriaco which is rubbed with red wine must and Basajo, a blue cheese that's soaked in sweet wine


James Brewer said...

I never seem to be really that adventurous when it comes to cheese, don't really know why. Probably becuase I don't really know what to go for, but this one does sound lovely.

Fiona Beckett said...

It really is so do try it, James. And maybe make a resolution to try one new cheese a month which will rapidly increase your repertoire?

Nick said...

Agree - a lovely cheese, reminds me of a soft Explorateur (which Waitrose have also started to stock in their excellent JohnLewis foodhall Oxford Street). I have bought the La Tur from Whole Foods Market (the shops in London including the excellent High Street Kensington store which has a really fine cheese selection) for the past few years.


Fiona Beckett said...

Yes, Wholefoods has a fantastic cheese department, Nick. I keep on meaning to blog about it.