Sunday, September 2, 2012

Why can't we have cheese bars in Britain?

It was, of course, inevitable that New Yorkers would do it first but I have to say I'm insane with envy about Murray's new Cheese Bar. Even after reading this review in Serious Eats which picks a few holes in the experience

I've been banging on for ever about how great a cheese bar - or, better still, a cheese café - would be eliciting pitying looks from my family and friends. Who would go to a place where you could only eat cheese, they ask? (Plenty of people, I argue.) Cheese is expensive, there's not enough profit in it. (Then serve high-margin drinks . . .)

I knew it would work having been to Artisanal and Casellula in New York a couple of years ago and now Tia Keenan who devised the pairings at Casellula has been poached by Murray's.

In this age of single food restaurants - burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken - surely we can have one devoted to cheese? Won't some cheeseloving enterpreneur open one?


Anonymous said...

There's a cheese café in Lincoln:

Lauren said...

What about androuet in Spitalfields, London! Ok it serves items other than cheese, but it does a great fondue, racklette (sp?) and of course a choose-your-own cheese board!

beersiveknown said...

And friends of ham in Leeds is in the same ballpark

Dixley said...

Fantastic cheese cafe in Lincoln