Saturday, January 17, 2009

2 Gloucesters, 1 single, 1 double

I thought this week that it might be interesting to compare two cheeses with very similar names - a Single and Double Gloucester which I found at my local Bristol deli, Chandos. They both come from Jonathan Crump of Arlingham who trades as Wick Court Cheese and is one of the only producers to make his cheese from traditional Gloucester cattle.

Double Gloucester (right) is the more common and in this case at least, quite like a Cheshire with a pale orange colour (it is dyed with annato), a dryish, crumbly texture and delicate flavour.

Single Gloucester (left) is much rarer and, having tasted it, I can understand why. It’s very ‘cow-ey’ if you know what I mean: not farmyardy but quite ‘animal’ and much fatter in texture than the Double Gloucester which is odd as it’s made from a mixture of skimmed and whole milk* whereas double Gloucester is made entirely from whole milk. It reminded me of a French Cantal - not one of my favourite cheeses.

Both, interestingly went well with a white burgundy we were drinking (a Saint-Veran) though neither is powerful enough to cause serious problems for a red. To be honest I wasn’t blown away by either, though this may be due as much to the producer as the type of cheese. Other producers to look out for are Smart’s which is stocked by Neal’s Yard and Charles Martell.

* skimmed milk from the evening milking and whole milk from the morning milking


streathamgirl said...

Hi FIona
Love the blog. I know what you mean about these two cheeses not blowing you away but I think that's their strength. They're unassuming but I'd use either on a toasted cheese and chutney sandwich when you'd normally reach for a medium cheddar.

Fiona Beckett said...

I agree about Double Gloucester, streathamgirl, but not so sure about single - though a cheese and chutney toastie sounds pretty appealing whatever cheese you use.

Incidentally I was talking to the guys in Neal's Yard today and they said there was hardly any call for Single so it's not just me!!