Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yarg: an odd name for a nice cheese

Yesterday I bought a wedge of Yarg. That doesn't sound great does it? Doesn't quite have the ring of "I bought a Camembert" or "a wedge of Stilton". But bear with me, those of you who haven't tried it, because it's a nice cheese.

The name apparently is an reversal of the letters of the surname of the people who invented it who were called Allan and Jenny Gray. It's a cows' milk cheese from Cornwall but its USP is that it's wrapped in nettles (frozen when in season, I discover from the site, to enable them to make it year round.)

It's hard to tell without having tasted the cheese without them how much they influence the flavour. It's certainly not nettley (nor does it sting you) and I don't get the mushroom flavour detected by some people who have tasted it but there's a slight herbiness about it which is very pleasant. I find the nearest comparison a Gorwydd Caerphilly - it's a delicate, slightly crumbly cheese which needs to be served at room temperature for its full flavour to emerge and which is kind to wine. It paired well with a minor Bordeaux I was drinking last night but I thought it would have been even better with cider or apple juice.

So there you have it. Yarg. An unforgettable name.


Vinogirl said...

When I got home from work last night, I decided I wanted Camembert for dinner (had a satsuma too), but a nice bit of Yarg would have been nice. (I like the word).

Fiona Beckett said...

Well, I guess it does sound like some historic English name, even if it isn't!

Vinogirl said...

So what if it's sort of a made up made the cheese sound delicious :)

Fiona Beckett said...

I take it all back, vinogirl! Yarg rules OK?

David Leah said...

I used to live very near the farm where it is made (edge of bodmin Moor). The local children used to earn money picking the nettles. Cheese has a very delicate flavour.