Friday, March 5, 2010

Cheese still life

When I spotted this picture on The British Larder the other day I thought it was so beautiful I had to post something about it and Madelene who writes the blog - and takes the photos - agreed to let me use it. She accompanies it with roast grape purée (great idea) and caramelised white onion breads the recipes for which are on her post.

I love the marble slab the cheese (Paxton & Whitfield's Cornish Soft) is served on (cheeseboards don't have to be wooden), the contrast of colour between the orange-edged white rind of the cheese and the dark, plummy grape purée wantonly smeared over the spoon, the fact that the cheese knife, an interesting shape in itself, shows the mark of cutting the cheese. It shows how a single cheese can be showcased and that you don't need a whole cheeseboard to create a stunning effect. Inspirational.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful - I'm inspired.


M and N said...

That looks beautiful! Such a great way to present cheese. Much more interesting that our glass cheese board (ie wedding present!)