Sunday, July 10, 2011

Serra da Estrela - Portugal's Mont d'Or

I've been in Portugal for the last few days finding out about cork and spending a day in the Vinho Verde region. I remember from my last visit a few years ago that there are some amazing Portuguese cheeses but this time found only one - Serra da Estrela, which is named after the highest mountain range in Portugal.

It's a totally delicious semi-soft sheeps' cheese that's served with the top cut open so you can dunk your bread or toast in its gooey interior. The milk comes from Bordeleira sheep which feed on wild mountain plants and herbs. It's coagulated with cardoons rather than animal rennet which makes for the silky flowing texture - not unlike a Vacherin Mont d'Or.

It's actually quite mild and buttery so you could drink it with a mature red - which is what the Portuguese themselves would do but we enjoyed it with a 2007 Alvarinho from Quintas de Melga├žo.

Do try it if you get the chance.


Kavey said...

That looks rather fine!

Cakes&Parties said...

Hi Fiona
My family has a country home in the region and we sure know what the cheese is like!
Next time you should also try a very mature cheese (1.5 year old). Let me know your thoughts then.


Pistachio and Rose said...

God that looks amazing, I was in Portugal not long ago, Wish I'de known about this amazing looking cheese then!

Fiona Beckett said...

@Cakes&Parties I'll look out for it and yes @Kavey and @Pistachio and Rose, it was amazing

Maddie said...

That looks so tasty!!!