Friday, January 15, 2010

Keen's crumpet #fail

When I was at Dean Street Townhouse earlier this week I spotted that they had Keen's crumpets with picalilli on their High Tea menu. As it was dinner time and I was reviewing the restaurant I didn't take advantage but it certainly sounded good. But what would it taste like?

I had a stab at home which I have to say wasn't a raging success. I toasted the crumpets lightly on both sides then buttered the upper side and toasted it again so the crumpet wouldn't go soggy. I piled it up with grated Keen's cheddar and melted it on the top rack of the Aga (not the best way to toast anything quickly but the only available option). Then I spooned a dollop of picalilli on the top as you can see above.

It was - how shall I put this? - underwhelming. Even having toasted the crumpet beforehand it was too soft and the picalilli - a rather posh brand called Mrs Bridges - not nearly mustardy enough and too sweet.

Thwarted, I tried them with Marmite (thinly spread, topped with cheese) which was better and with Colman's English mustard, a considerable improvement but there was still a 'What's the point?' element to the whole exercise. Good toast (we buy sourdough) would have been a much better base for all three.

Maybe the DST has some secret recipe for the cheese topping. Or maybe they make it as a rarebit but if I were you I wouldn't bother. Try the very tasty twice-baked haddock souffl├ęs, which I imagine include at least a smidge of Parmesan instead.



Helen said...

Don't get me started on effing crumpets!!

Number 1:

Number 2:

I found out what the problem is though so thank you for reminding me - I will have another go tomorrow!

James B said...

Mmm crumpets! Total comfort food. Either with lots of butter so it drips through and very thinly sliced cheese, or peanut butter!

Fiona Beckett said...

Problem is, Helen, that most supermarket crumpets are rubbish - the crumpet equivalent of white sliced bread. But they're not easy to make as you've found - and besides it takes them out of the realm of quick comfort food.

My grandmother made the best crumpets ever, James, by toasting them, buttering them, toasting them again and re-buttering them. (And she lived to 93!)

scandilicious said...

Shame this was underwhelming, like you I imagine this would taste pretty damn good but when faced with the option between good sourdough and a store-bought crumpet I'd probably plump for the sourdough ;) having said that I'm intrigued to try making crumpets as I love them buttered but suspect given Helen's experiences I'd probably be thwarted too!