Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mac’n’cheese challenge: most mouthwatering pix

I created this category of the mac’n’cheese challenge for those of you who didn’t particularly want to create their own original recipe but might like to post a picture or series of pictures of a favourite version.

As I’ve mentioned some of the pix that were submitted with the recipes were pretty gorgeous but it seemed fairer to restrict this category to a those who made it a central feature of their entry.

There were three of you:

Gail of One Million Gold Stars made her adaptation of Simon Hopkinson’s tomato-topped recipe in a cute heart-shaped dish

Kavita of Kavey Eats shot a series of photos of a Nigel Slater recipe against a warm red background

And Rob of Eat Pictures, who has the advantage of being a part-time food photographer, created a very flashy slideshow of a version that he had created especially for the challenge to overcome the problems he perceives in shooting mac'n'cheese. (You can read his reasoning here)

Food photographer Marie-Louise Avery (aka marieloua on Twitter) will be judging the entries.


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